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Conscious Communication:

What does it mean?

reduced conflicts

Reducing misunderstandings often helps to reduce and prevent conflicts



Let's take the time to look and how you work and look at how to make your life simpler

Collective intelligence

Life gets easier when we actually make the effort to listen and seek to understand each other. 


a peaceful


Most people want to improve their work environment,

knowing where to start is the challenge!  

Making interactions Humane

Beyond technical skills and specialisation, it's the quality of our interactions which determines our potential success. Having good ideas and talented people isn't enough.

We also need to be able to work together. 




It isn't always easy to take a step back and think about how you communicate, and how you structure your workflow. Even if you decide the improve the quality of the interactions and the relations within your teams, it can be tricky to know where to start. 

That's where I can help. Let's take start a conversation and get to know each other

and talk about your situation, your expectations and your challenges.

With tools stemming from the fields of Psychology, Ergonomics and Anthropology, I would be happy to examine your organisation and discuss tailor-made solutions. 


Depending on your needs and requests, different solutions exist to hand you the keys to a more conscious communication and peaceful work environment

Whether you require individual coaching, participative action-based workshops or

team supervisions, we will take the time to examine what works for you. Conflict mediation is also possible to help you rebuild trust and give a constructive direction to tensions in your workplace. 


The easiest would be to have a chat! Why not get in touch?

A whole tribe at your service


Let's talk about you!

To be useful all interventions are tailor-made

Let's take some time to chat about your needs and wishes, and find what works for you. All questions are welcome! 


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