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Talk to

a Psychologist?

Why do most people seek help?

Here are some of the reasons why others are talking to Psychologists.

If you aren't sure if you would benefit from meeting with a Psychologist,

get in touch and we can have a chat about

needs, challenges and doubts. 



When repetitive thoughts, feelings of panic and worry become too much to handle alone.

Mood disorders

When mood swings, depressive thoughts or too much excitement become overwhelming.


When relying on substances to regulate your mood and behaviour becomes dangerous and ineffective.


When your relationships become a source of stress, and you want to give them a chance to improve.

Of course, there are many other reasons you could benefit from talking to a trained professional. 

It could be because you seek greater balance in your life, or that you are looking for ways to improve your quality of life.

You don't necessarily need to have "a disorder" or a diagnosis.

If you have questions about your situation, drop me a line or give me a call

Why should I go?

Mainly if you would like some help to take care of yourself, understand yourself and if you seek greater balance.


A Psychologist provides you with a safe and confidential space in to discuss and work through what you need to work through.


By taking the time to reflect and feel, you might gain new perspectives and insights, leading to a better quality of life, better stress management and a deeper appreciation for life!

The experience will likely feel different with different therapists, it can be useful to try a few different professionals.



So how does it work?

A first appointment gives us the opportunity to meet, and explicit your needs and expectations, and determine whether they are compatible with my practice.

This meeting also gives you the opportunity to see if you feel comfortable with the setting and my approach! When choosing a Psychologist, make sure you pick someone who makes you feel comfortable and that you feel you can trust.

If it is relevant to your situation, we will create an individual program (with specific objectives and a timeline) tailored to your needs and desires.


a session

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